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Instagram, a true dark story

I suggest you to take 3 minutes, and take a glance at this short cartoon about Instagram.  You are probably too busy, but maybe, this can really help you on this dark period.

In the last year, Instagram became really inspiring and fascinating for everyone. But I must remind you that  Instagram is nothing else as a game So please use it responsibly!  Instagram, as TV, are thing we can use in life and see a piece of real life around us, but they are not the reality!
Since the last year COVID-19 drove everybody to a dark psychic status, these blow-mind App could be really dangerous because stock your personality into a vortex of “dark and unsatisfied mood” due to convinces you to buy things to reach the happiness.

Watch, think, remind that technology is only a piece of real life.

(only 2/3 minutes)



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