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Una torre mangia-smog

Inventata in Olanda, ora anche India e Cina installano torri mangia-smog per ridurre l'inquinamento metropolitano. Inquinamento metropolitano? L’Olanda risponde con “Smog Free Tower”, un grande ionizzatore che incamera aria inquinata per restituirla quasi totalmente depurata. “Smog Free Tower”, inventata dall’architetto…

Published 1 anno ago

Why is the design industry so misunderstood?

When we graduated at school as graphic designers, my classmates and I were quite confused about our role in the professional world, despite having studied design for many years. Terms like “design thinking” were often thrown around in casual conversation…

Published 1 anno ago

Instagram Image Size Guide (2021)

INSTAGRAM SQUARE PHOTOS: Although Instagram added horizontal and vertical photos the square images are still a success and a symbol of Instagram. ✅ 1:1 ratio aspect ✅ 1080px by 1080px but Instagram will compress the file and it will be…

Published 2 anni ago

One Page Website Inspiration

Single page designs are beautiful examples of order, simplicity and conciseness. Organizing a website to ensure content and navigation stay on the same page can be considered a feat but when executed correctly, website users will attest to a flawless…

Published 2 anni ago

Choose Fonts for a Modern Company

Font Designs and what do they mean? Different font designs give off different impressions. The infographic below gives you a clear idea on how different font designs convey different characteristics like “Strong” or “Respectable”. Using this infographic guide, it’s not hard to…

Published 2 anni ago

Essential DESIGN TRENDS, May 2020

The state of the world around us can greatly impact website design. From emotional changes that correlate to the feel of a design to information and data to deliver.   Minimalist Navigation Approach Web designers didn’t so much lead the…

Published 2 anni ago
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